“The Concordia Center for Emergency Solutions is an effective teaching tool for delivery of emergency service response tactics for a wide variety of potential scenarios.”
Ed Lindsey, Director of Training, Northwest Association of Fire Trainers

Advanced Command Education (ACE)

As part of the incident management or command team, you’re used to dealing with high-stress, high-stakes situations. You research. You plan. You review. But how do you know if those plans will work? That’s where the ACE workshops at the Center for Emergency Solutions can be invaluable. Designed for command teams (fire and police), emergency medical system (EMS) leaders and specialty response team leaders (hazmat, marine, aircraft crash rescue, etc.) these workshops provide in-depth reviews of actual incidents and realistic simulation exercises..


The Center for Emergency Solutions at Concordia University lets you practice incident management skills in a safe, dynamic simulation.

  • Incident simulation can offer training that does not impact budgets, staffing and logistics like a full scale real world exercise.
  • Practice interagency response and unified command.
  • Evaluate your emergency operations procedures and compliance policies.

Customize your own ACE Workshop

Simulated incidents provide a realistic training environment which can be customized to meet your desired outcomes. Use the simulator to create a high risk, low frequency events that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to replicate. Assess your team’s skills for promotions or to discover additional training needs. Contact us for more information.


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